You have made your way to the home of JM Web Consultants based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

We actively build web applications using open source tools such as PHP and MySQL.

We will work with you and your company to bring your bright idea to fruition.

Since 1998 we have built web applications for companies of all sizes and types.

Developments February 2010

Writing a new Zend Framework application as mentioned last month for Can/Am Professional Sportswear Inc.

Followed up on another proposal to build an online ordering system for a new restaurant chain.

Working on the Conversion of a legacy Paradox Application to Zend Framework.

Developments January 2010

Built a new website for Maxiloda Corporation. This can be found here.

Provided SEO, Hosting, Email and Social Media Marketing Services.

Started a new e-Commerce Project for Can/Am Professional Sports.

Developments December 2009

Negotiated a number of Proposals for work.

Provided Social Media Marketing and SEO Consulting Services to clients.

Developments November 2009

Wrapped up a full time contract that added a number of features to a social application built on top of Wordpress MU, Mediawiki, BBPress, Buddy Press and integrated cloud based services and storage for media.

Developments October 2009

Build and integrated statistics collection and storage module for Social Application.

Integrated and tested automation features of Media Delivery Service into Social Platform. Added feature to allow derived media to be reprocessed.

Completed a website for a new client Inviting Elegence ... an elegant glimpse into your wedding day. It can be seen here

Used a jquery image gallery written by Monc. His site and original code can be found here.

Developments September 2009

Prototyped a set of working code with clients first vendor choice but this proved to not to be flexible enough. Started to build a set of working code to provide mangagement of cloud based storage and service across two different vendors.

Developments August 2009

Evaluated Content Delivery Networks for the enhancement of a clients media service.

Created a Social Bookmarking plugin for Buddy Press that allows for sharing of intranet and internet resources. The new plugin also automatically bookmarks new Wordpress MU blog posts.

Developments July 2009

Started a new full time development contract. This has been progressing rather well. Creating plugins for Buddypress / Wordpress MU / Mediawiki.

Added a new picture gallery to Vitalife made with Love. Naturally. It can be accessed here

Used a jquery image gallery written by Monc. His site and original code can be found here.

Developments June 2009

During June I finished reworking Normerica Inc./Northdown Industries main web site. You can access it here

Added a new hosting client Weisflock Enterprises. They are in the processing of building a new site. You can access that here.

Developments May 2009

The month was busy building a new web site for Normerica Inc. for a brand of All Natural Dog Treats called VitaLife. It can be accessed here

For other developments check out my About page.